The Great Himalayan Jungle Walk

The Great Himalayan Jungle walk is by Gyan Yatra to connect travelers with nature and environment.


One of biggest jungles of India, dense, green and full of wild animals; and you have to walk 4 days over 50 km. Believe us it's safe ! We will walk with local villagers, going to stay in their homes and understand the way they and nature live together. Don't think that this is going to be a boring tour. The fun part is we are going to cross rivers, bath in them, walk the path less taken, click pictures, witness amazing birds, meet several unsung heroes and generate our own sensitivity towards nature and sustainable living.

The walk will start from Nainitaal and will end in Ramnagar, with 3 nights stay in camp and villages !

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What's Special About The Walk !

The walk is special in itself, but the most special part is Sir Jim Corbett himself. Yes, we are going to live his stories walk on his trails and do a bit of time travel. From Nainitaal to Kaladungi, he almost uses to walk every day in just 3 hours, we will do it with one night stop. His stories over bonfire sound best ! The trails he took, the places from where he saw tigers at a mere distance, the canal he uses to walk with. The villages where we are going to stay, their work towards community and eco-tourism. The birdwatching sessions and talks around causes, everything is special.

But the most special part is you ! You the one who decided to walk in jungles, you the one who are in love with nature, you are the one who are in love with villages. Just Walk.

Key Details

Date: 26-29 Jan 2017
Starting City: Nainitaal
Reporting Time: 10.00 AM
Starting Time: 04.00 PM

Ending City: Ramnagar
Maximum Entries: 10 People
Distance: 50 Km
Difficulty Level: Easy – Moderate

Cost: INR 5,500/- (The cost is on actual contribution basis)
Includes: Everything you need to stay alive
Food / Snacks / Stay / Walk / Luggage logistics / Sessions / Fun / Bonfires / Stories / Bird watching / Coordination Team / Backup Vehicle

Warning: This journey is non-smoky and non-alcoholic as we will be already in wild !

Do You Really Wanna Walk ?

Are you really interested in joining us for the walk ! Just fill the form below and we will send you all the details. This is first of its kind of walk in Jim Corbett National Park, so be the first one to experience. #GoAhead

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Some More Details !

Walk Led By

Him 2Himanshu Shekhar aka HR ! The lover of nature and Jim Corbett National Park, often walking on some or other trail of the jungle. Sometimes sitting near an unknown waterfall or sometimes walking along the canal with the music of water. An ambivert traveler with a spiritual soul and loves to write poems. He did 3300 km cycling across India in Feb 2016 from Mysore to Kashipur, along the western ghats. Grown up in 12 different cities in 7 different states, he calls himself multi-local Indian. |Blog|

Walk Associates

PPPPawalghar Prakriti Praheri or PPP. It is an amazing self-help youth group in the village of Pawalghar Conservation Reserve. They are working on community-based tourism, Eco-tourism, home stays, and providing employment to youth of the village with these initiatives. You will love meeting them !

CGVSCorbett Gram Vikas Samiti or CGVS is an organization working in the village established by Jim Corbett on his vision of Eco-village. They are also working on the model of community-based tourism and working on several initiatives to improve the life in the village and save nature at the same time.

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