The Footsteps of Krishna

Krishna, The most perfect man walked on the soil of India ever! Considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and loaded with his charm of perfection, he is the one who played with time. People all over the world are fan of this fellow since 3000 BC. He made his father cross ocean like river as a day old infant, he killed demons from his craddle, he showed the whole universe to his mother inside his mouth, he lifted Goverdhan hill to save his village as a boy, he was charming and adorable teen who loved everyone and he is the one to gave Gita to the world. He is Krishna!

Experience his magical life, where he performed it. In this amazing tour, we will trace the footsteps of Krishna and relive the stories. We will travel to all the villages, hills, rivers, cities and the ground of war where he delivered Gita. We are dam sure, that you will feel lack of words to describe you beautiful and peaceful experience of the tour.

Footsteps of Krishna Tour by Gyan Yatra

Key Details

Starting City: New Delhi

Ending City: New Delhi

Duration: 6 - 8 Days

Language: English | Hindi

Price: INR 24,300 | $ 363

Minimum Person: Two

Accommodation: Twin Sharing

Category: Spiritual, Devotional, History, Architecture, Culture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Villages, Mythology.

What We Are Going To Do ?

We are going to travel to all the places, villages, towns, and cities in chronological order of Krishna's life events. From birth till the war of Mahabharat, where he delivered Gita to Arjun. We are going to explore the place of his birth and how his biological father transferred him safely to a village to save his life from his uncle. We are going to visit his temples and listen to stories which suggest that how he is still present in these areas. We are going to listen, some of the amazing flute players as this is the instrument which Krishna use to play. Meet some awesome spiritual teachers and ask them that is all these stories are mythological or they really happened on this soil.

Make sure that your bags are always packed as we are going to travel a lot. We are going to stay in villages related to Krishna and his beloved Radha. Soak yourself in this out of the world love story, where you will realize that true love is about sacrifice and not about possession. Stories are going to make you travel the time, we bet ! 

More Details Soon.

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